Certified Security Practitioner, Life Coach, Entrepreneur


Veeru Thantal

Certified Security Practitioner, Life Coach, Entrepreneur​

Having over a decade of experience in the training, coaching, human resources and then security industry. Veeru Thantal, Certified Security Practitioner and perennial entrepreneur is heading the company as MD & CEO. He has helped many national and international clients achieve success in their numerous assignments pertaining to Land or Maritime Security. Trained manpower for Maritime Security as Maritime Security Operatives and Team Leaders for protection of merchant vessels from pirates in High Risk Areas. Helped create professional manpower by providing CVSSA grade training to manpower sent for various security projects on cruise ships. Helped clients achieve higher safety, loss prevention and access control.


Major Certifications Held are as follows:-

Certified Security Practitioner-International Institute for Security & Safety Management

Cruise Vessel Security & Safety Assessment– Protection Vessels International, UK

Physical Skills for Maritime Sector– Safer Handling, UK.

Certificate Course in Entrepreneurship, CSC Academy– Govt. of India

Life Coaching

TESOL ( Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages)

Google Educator

Various LinkedIn Certifications

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What My Clients Say

It is my pleasure to strongly recommend Veeru Thantal for a position of Maritime Security Trainer. Veeru Thantal is one individual I have worked with who uniquely stands out. During our time together, Veeru displayed great talents in Training Maritime Security Officers. I was impressed with the deep knowledge about Maritime Training Techniques and the way of teaching during the time we worked together. Veeru is highly professional and internationally approved Maritime Security Trainer.
Farhan Khan
Team Leader and MSOs Provider
Mr. Thantal is an extremely hard working professional. it's his work ethics and ready to help attitude is what separates him from everyone else. During my years of knowing him i've found him extremely intellecutal,easy to communicate and willingness to learn and hungerness to grow in life.He will always be an asset to every organisation.
Deepak Chettri
Security Supervisor at TUI Cruises
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Robert Welch
Business Analyst
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